Tom Hanks: Harvard Commencement Address, 2023

Tom Hanks - Harvard Commencement Address
Tom Hanks: Harvard Commencement Address, 2023


Have you watched the Harvard Commencement Address of Tom Hanks? In today’s fast-paced digital era, a graduation speech recently went viral on Youtube, leaving millions of people inspired and motivated. The speech presented at a graduation ceremony highlighted the importance of truth, justice, and the “American way,” tying in themes of freedom, liberty, and civic duty. By analyzing this speech, we can gather critical insights about life, career progression, and the significance of upholding the principles of justice and truth.

Breaking Down the Speech

The speaker began the speech emphasizing the importance of education and our collective responsibility as citizens, urging the audience to recognize the necessity of constant work towards a “more perfect union.”

Key Themes of the Speech:

  • Truth and Justice: The speaker highlights that truth and justice aren’t just ideals but practices that require consistent effort and attention. They are crucial pillars that support the structure of a free society.
  • Individual Responsibility: Through everyday actions, we can exemplify the “American way” — respecting others’ rights, appreciating the services we receive, exercising our democratic rights, and being accountable for our victories and losses.
  • Recognizing Indifference: The speaker identified indifference as a dangerous enemy of truth, fostering ignorance and intolerance, and enabling the rise of despots and tyrants.

Key Insights and Lessons

Personal Accountability

The speaker’s focus on individual responsibility can be an excellent lesson for people striving to build successful careers. To do so, they need to take accountability for their actions, learn from their mistakes, and constantly strive to improve.

In a recent study by Harvard Business Review 1, 85% of the surveyed leaders considered accountability critical to successful job performance. However, only 31% found their organizations successful at holding people accountable.

Challenging Indifference

The speech provides an imperative lesson on the dangers of indifference, particularly relevant in our current social climate. With rampant misinformation, indifference to the truth can lead to harmful consequences. This notion correlates with a recent Pew Research Center report, which indicated that 64% of Americans believe fake news has significantly impacted their confidence in government institutions 2.

Upholding Truth

Maintaining the sanctity of truth is a critical lesson in the speech, applicable in both personal and professional life. According to a 2017 survey by CareerBuilder, 75% of human resource managers have caught a lie on a resume 3. This data accentuates the importance of honesty in our professional lives.

Why You Should Watch this Speech

This graduation speech encapsulates profound wisdom and advice that transcend the realm of academia. It touches on themes of personal responsibility, the pursuit of truth, and justice that can positively shape our life and careers.

Furthermore, it also illuminates social issues such as indifference and misinformation, urging us to remain vigilant and engaged.

Ultimately, the speech serves as a stark reminder that in a quest for success, we must strive to uphold values such as truth and justice, which are pivotal in both personal growth and societal progress.


While we consume vast amounts of content each day, this graduation speech stands out for its depth and relevance. By focusing on truth, justice, and individual responsibility, it prompts us to examine our actions and their societal implications. It is a must-watch, particularly for those embarking on new career journeys, reminding us to honor truth, fight indifference, and contribute to a more just and empathetic society.

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YouTube Video: Tom Hanks delivers the Commencement Address | Harvard Commencement 2023

Tom Hanks delivers the Commencement Address | Harvard Commencement 2023

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