How Generative AI Could Replace Artists in Creative Industries

How Generative AI Could Replace Artists in Creative Industries
How Generative AI Could Replace Artists in Creative Industries


There’s been growing concern about the role of generative AI in the creative industries. More artists are fearing that their creative expressions, once the sole preserve of human ingenuity, are at risk of being substituted by artificial intelligence.

A Synthesis of Creativity and AI

On April 17, 2023, the Wall Street Journal’s Tech News Briefing shared a compelling video. This piece discusses how generative AI could potentially replace artists in creative fields. Zoe Thomas hosted this video. It features varied personalities from art and tech sectors. Each provides nuanced perspectives on the topic.

This episode is the third part of a series named Artificially Minded, which explores how AI is reshaping our lives, livelihoods, and culture. You can watch the entire episode on YouTube here.

Key Insights from the Video

  1. Artists are alarmed: Tomer Hanuka, a renowned illustrator based in New York City, along with other artists, expresses his concerns over AI-powered art tools. They fear that these tools can emulate their unique styles, perfected over many years, in almost an instant, potentially diminishing their artistic value.
  2. AI Art Generation Tools: Programs like Stable Diffusion, Dolly 2, and Mid-Journey can generate artwork based on simple text prompts, often resembling the style of a particular artist if desired. This ability raises concerns about copying an artist’s style without their consent.
  3. NFTs and AI: There’s a worrying trend where AI-generated artwork, crafted in the style of established artists, is sold as NFTs on platforms like OpenSea. Artists have no control over this, leading to potential copyright and intellectual property issues.
  4. AI and the Film Industry: Visual effects artist Evan Halleck talks about how AI has been a game-changer in the film industry, aiding in tasks like rotoscoping. However, this also implies a shift in job dynamics and compensation in the industry.
  5. Evolving Workforce Dynamics: Matt Bean, a University of California professor, provided insights on AI’s impact. He explained that generative AI could cause skill-biased technical change. Essentially, this AI might boost roles of highly skilled individuals. Conversely, it could simplify less skilled jobs. This could lead to work quality and pay disparities.

Why You Should Watch This Video

  • Understanding the Impact: The video helps us understand the profound impact of AI on the creative industries. It paints a comprehensive picture, touching upon concerns of artists, implications for copyright issues, and the evolving dynamics of the creative workforce.
  • Gaining a Balanced Perspective: While focusing on the challenges, the video also highlights the potential of AI in enhancing creativity and creating new opportunities. It provides a balanced perspective, which is essential for a nuanced understanding.
  • Staying Updated: With AI evolving at a fast pace, staying informed about its implications is crucial. This video helps us stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of generative AI.


In summary, AI’s role in the creative industries is a multifaceted issue that warrants a thoughtful discourse. This video serves as a valuable starting point for that conversation. As we look towards the future, we must understand that generative AI is not merely a disruptive force, but also a tool that could open up unprecedented opportunities for creative expression and innovation.

Whether we are creators, consumers, educators, or students, we need to engage with these developments, assess their implications, and contribute to shaping a future where AI and human creativity coexist and thrive.


YouTube Video: How Generative AI Could Replace Artists in Creative Industries | WSJ Tech News Briefing

How Generative AI Could Replace Artists in Creative Industries | WSJ Tech News Briefing

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