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Economic Collapses
Economic Collapses


As a professional engineer, I am continually fascinated by the dynamics and complexities of global economics. Today, we will explore the paradox of developing economies, drawing insights from a popular YouTube video, “The Economics Explained” channel’s “Why Are Countries Going Bankrupt?” This video, which deserves commendation for its detailed and insightful presentation, illuminates several key factors contributing to the economic failures of nations.

Economic Development Challenges and the Role of Foreign Investment

The video begins with a critical question: why do economies collapse? Citing the economic struggles of countries like Argentina, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka, the narrator points out that high-interest rates and growing public debt are common denominators of failing economies.

As we examine the video’s findings, we discover the significance of foreign investment in the economic development of nations. The video mentions China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a prime example of foreign investment. This initiative offered cheap loans to developing countries for infrastructure projects. While this strategy indeed helped enhance their trade networks, it resulted in these countries’ indebtedness to China.

The Power of Democracy in Economic Decision-Making

An interesting observation in the video revolves around the Nobel Prize-winning work of economists Douglas North and Robert Fogel, who proposed the power of democracy as a solution to poor economic management. According to the video, the core of North and Fogel’s proposition is that representative governments, in which leaders are answerable to their citizens, typically make more beneficial economic decisions.

Here’s why this is insightful:

  • Democracy ensures government accountability, leading to thoughtful planning and implementation of economic projects.
  • Democratic systems offer checks and balances to governmental decisions, as citizens have the power to influence policies that directly impact them.
  • Most advanced economies today are well-functioning democracies.

Economic Shocks: The Ignition for Economic Collapse

According to the video, economies collapse due to economic shocks, which come in two categories:

  • Supply Shocks: These occur when an unexpected event changes the supply of goods in an economy. An example is an earthquake that destroys industrial areas.
  • Demand Shocks: These occur when a sudden event changes consumer behavior and reduces their demand for goods and services. For example, a disturbing news story may cause people to save money rather than spend it.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic response acted as a significant demand shock, sparking the collapse of many already struggling economies.

So, Why Should We Recommend This Video?

This YouTube video offers invaluable insights into the mechanics of economic failure and development. Here are some reasons why we believe others would benefit from watching it:

  • It provides a comprehensive yet accessible exploration of complex economic phenomena.
  • It outlines the importance of foreign investments, along with their potential pitfalls.
  • It emphasizes the power of democracy in fostering strong economic performance.
  • It explains the concept of economic shocks and their role in triggering economic collapse.

In conclusion, understanding the paradox of developing economies is vital for any student of economics. By drawing upon real-world examples and proven theories, this video serves as a concise yet comprehensive guide. By incorporating these lessons, we can cultivate a more nuanced understanding of global economics, making us better equipped to contribute to and navigate the ever-evolving economic landscape.


YouTube Video: What’s Causing This Wave of Economic Collapses? | Economics Explained

What’s Causing This Wave of Economic Collapses? | Economics Explained

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