DESCRIBE YOURSELF in 3 WORDS: Answering to Interview Questions


The Art of Describing Yourself in Three Words: A Guide to Excelling in Job Interviews

A YouTube video, titled “DESCRIBE YOURSELF in 3 WORDS! (A Brilliant Answer to this INTERVIEW QUESTION!)”, beautifully elucidates the importance of this question and provides some noteworthy strategies to address it effectively. I’ve often emphasized the importance of self-awareness in career advancement. One area where this becomes crucial is job interviews, particularly when faced with the request to describe oneself in just three words.

Why the Three-Word Question?

The interview question – “describe yourself in three words” – is designed to assess your self-awareness and to understand your personality in the context of the job role. The video explains that interviewers ask this question to uncover who you are and how you perceive yourself. Most importantly, they’re interested in how your self-perception will translate into your work behavior.

What Interviewers Want to Hear

Interviewers are on the lookout for three key elements in your response:

  1. They want to hear three words that define you and give them a glimpse into what you’d be like in the job role.
  2. They want to understand that you’re self-aware and have a clear idea of who you are.
  3. They’re looking for a unique response that sets you apart from other candidates.

Crafting Your Response

The video provides a list of 12 words that are attractive to hiring managers. Words such as “dependable”, “resilient”, “self-motivated”, “loyal”, “trustworthy”, “energetic”, “able”, “commercially aware”, “experienced”, “kind”, “flexible”, and “results-driven” all make a strong impression. However, merely stating these words isn’t enough – you should be able to explain how these qualities will benefit the organization.

Tailoring Your Response

The video suggests that your response should be tailored to the specific job role you’re applying for. It provides seven example answers for different job roles, including standard job roles, freshers, customer service, sales, managers or team leaders, technical roles, and healthcare roles.

For instance, a response for a sales job could be, “I would describe myself as hungry, resilient, and keen to learn.” The key here is to explain how each trait will contribute to your performance in the role. For the sales role, you could mention that your hunger will push you to meet sales targets, your resilience will keep you positive, and your keenness to learn will enhance your sales techniques.

The Takeaway

What stands out in this video is the emphasis on self-awareness and the ability to articulate one’s value to a potential employer. The video encourages job seekers to be unique in their responses, to understand the job role, and to tailor their answers accordingly.

This video serves as a valuable resource for anyone preparing for job interviews. It provides an effective approach to answering one of the most common yet tricky interview questions. By understanding the purpose of the question and how to tailor your response, you can create a lasting impression on your interviewer.

If you’re preparing for an interview, I highly recommend watching this video. It offers a blend of practical advice and examples that can help you articulate your unique value proposition to potential employers, thereby enhancing your chances of success in your career journey.


YouTube Video: DESCRIBE YOURSELF in 3 WORDS! (A Brilliant Answer to this INTERVIEW QUESTION!)


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