Understanding ChatGPT: How Does ChatGPT really works?

Understanding ChatGPT
Understanding ChatGPT


AI technology is rapidly advancing, and the ChatGPT language model is an excellent example. In a YouTube video by Tom Scott, he explains how ChatGPT works, how it’s trained, and its potential capabilities. This article summarizes the video’s key findings, insights, and reasons why we recommend it to others.

How ChatGPT Works: A Three-Stage Training Process

  1. Sentence Completion Model: ChatGPT predicts the next word in a sentence using probability and randomness, ensuring creative and varied responses.
  2. Supervised Learning: Human trainers engage in conversations, playing both user and chatbot roles. This helps ChatGPT learn human-like conversational patterns.
  3. Reinforcement Learning: The model uses unsupervised learning to scale its understanding based on its previous human-taught training. This allows ChatGPT to generate meaningful responses to a wide range of queries.

Key Findings

  • ChatGPT is trained on massive datasets, such as the 45 terabytes of data used for GPT-3.
  • It learns from human trainers who play both user and chatbot roles in conversations.
  • The model uses reinforcement learning to scale its knowledge and respond to various inputs.

Insights and Lessons

  • The video demonstrates the power and potential of AI technology, particularly in language processing.
  • It highlights the importance of understanding AI models like ChatGPT to better interact with them and maximize their benefits.
  • The video also emphasizes that AI models like ChatGPT are improving continuously, as seen with the upcoming GPT-4 model.

Why Recommend This Video

We recommend this video because:

  • It provides a clear and engaging explanation of ChatGPT’s inner workings.
  • It encourages viewers to think critically about AI technology and its implications.
  • The video is accessible to a broad audience, making complex AI concepts easy to grasp.


In summary, Tom Scott’s video provides valuable insights into ChatGPT’s learning process and its capabilities. By understanding these AI models, we can make the most of their potential and appreciate their impact on our lives. The video is an excellent resource for those interested in AI, and we highly recommend it to anyone eager to learn about this fascinating technology.


YouTube Video – So How Does ChatGPT really work? Behind the screen!

So How Does ChatGPT really work? Behind the screen!

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