Internet: The Electricity Metaphor

Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor
Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

Unleashing the Potential of the Internet

In the early 20th century, the world witnessed the golden age of appliances. The light bulb was the key to bringing electricity into homes, initially for lighting purposes. However, this led to the emergence of various home appliances like electric fans, irons, and washing machines. Jeff Bezos, in his 2003 TED talk, likens the current state of the Internet to the “1908 Hurley washing machine stage.”

Learning from the Past

Bezos points out that the Internet, like early home appliances, is still in a beginning stage. He highlights how the introduction of electricity led to countless innovations, each creating new questions and opportunities. This insight should inspire us to embrace the Internet’s potential, despite its current limitations and difficulties.

A Brief History of Technological Advancements

  • 1890: Introduction of the electric fan
  • 1905: First vacuum cleaner, the Skinner Vacuum, by the Hoover Company
  • 1908: Hurley electric washing machine
  • 1994: Explosive growth of the Web (2,300% growth rate)

Why Watch This Video?

This video is a must-watch for those interested in understanding the progression of technology and how it parallels the development of the Internet. Bezos offers a unique perspective, encouraging us to see the current challenges as stepping stones towards a more advanced, innovative future. As we reflect on our technological past, we can gain insight into the tremendous potential that lies ahead for the Internet.

Embracing the Future

In conclusion, Jeff Bezos’ 2003 TED talk teaches us to view the Internet as a constantly evolving and powerful tool, much like the appliances of the early 20th century. By acknowledging its current shortcomings, we can work towards a more innovative and transformative future. Bezos’ optimism serves as a reminder that we are at the beginning of a new era of technological advancements. As we continue to explore the Internet’s capabilities, we will undoubtedly unlock even greater possibilities. So, let’s take Bezos’ message to heart and “use our electricity for more than light.”


YouTube Video – Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

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